Bargon the bear rider is something of a legend at Stormhelm. No one knows for sure were he came from although there are rumors that he wears the birthmark of a member of the lost boulderbender branch of the royal line. 

The boulderbenders were lost when they left Stormhelm to establish another Stronghold nearer to the other Dwarf Holds. The colonists were attacked by a large force of Orcs, Goblins, Ogres and Trolls. The Orcs and their alleis took heavy casualties, but the colonists were whiped out. The only survivors were the colonist's scouts, which all took the Slayers Oath and met their fate slauthering Trolls and giants.

Bargon rides a huge grizzly bear, who seems to be more of a friend than a mount as he rides with no bridle yet the bear responds to his every instruction. Bargon is almost never seen in civilized countries and has never been known to visit the inside of a Stronghold. The one exception to this is that Bargon is known to showup whenever there is a battle brewing, especially if it involves Orcs or Goblins. Because of this mysterious past and solitary nature, Bargon can not join or lead units, although he has been known to ride right into the middle of the battle lines. 

Bargon is well known and feared by the local Orc and Goblin tribes who consider him some sort of Dwarven demi-god. Likewise the dwarves of Stormhelm Mountain consider him as their own personal guardian.