In the book 'Historisches Hausbuch, herausgegeben anlässlich des 300 jährigen bestehend von Seelenberg 1696-1996' written by Wilhelm Berger, the coat-of-arms of the Barchon family is described as follows:  In green, a silver eagle. It mentions that this coat-of-arms is first borne by one Ogier de Barchon, in the year 1162.

Due to the German influence in the 18th century the spelling of the name Barchon gradually changed into Bargon.

That this coat-of-arms was also borne in later days by the Barchon/Bargon family and is still borne, appears from the listing of this same coat-of-arms in the Armorial Général by J.B. Rietstap (published in the second half of the 19th century), where the eagle has a red tongue. 

The full description of the Barchon/Bargon arms is as follows:  

  • In green a silver red-tongued eagle.
  • Helm sign a flight of silver and green. 
  • Covers: green, lined, with silver